Introducing your bloggers- Jen

Hey faithful (or soon-to-be faithful) blog readers:

You may find yourself asking who we are and what the hell gives us the right to blog about Translink. Well, let me start by introducing myself… I’m Jen, a twenty-something lady living in Vancouver who depends on the transit system to get me around this fair city of ours. I’m a born and raised Vancouverite who has traveled enough to sometimes (but not often) appreciate the system we have set up here, but also curse it out for it’s lack of greatness that can be seen in other countries.

A few fun tidbits about my Translink experience-

Number of years riding Translink:
I’ve been a faithful user of the system for about 7 or 8 years.  It’s the longest relationship I’ve ever had so you understand why I have problems trying to break up with Translink. Admittedly, I spent a lot of years in the suburbs (where I was raised) and didn’t use the buses out there (low frequency, another blog post for another day). Out there you end up driving everywhere so my frequent use of Translink wasn’t until I was older and hit the “big city” and had started going to University.

Routes and areas most frequented:
I’m a regular on the Skytrain, riding it through zone 1 (Vancouver) and sometimes, when I’m feeling daring (aka: visiting my family), I’ll take all 3 zones to Surrey. I also ride the 99 B-line almost daily, and often the 25, 27 and the 3.

Crazy memory on Translink:
Some of the most recent stories that convinced me that we needed to start this page was when I found myself riding the Skytrain home late at night after a hockey game (RIP 09-10 Canucks) and a man proceeded to pee himself on the train. Another time while waiting for the B-Line one Sunday afternoon and a girl next to me was dancing up a storm and was licking ketchup out of one of those little containers you fill up for your ketchup at McDonalds. She wasn’t listening to music but oddly enough it went well with what was on my iPod at the time. This is a regular occurrence while waiting for the B-Line at Broadway Station.

I suppose the craziest would be the guy who decided one evening to rub his saliva all over a pole on the Skytrain (he spit on the pole the rubbed it up and down). Makes you want to think twice before grabbing the pole eh?

Or the time a group of three was riding the train (around 6pm) from Metrotown into the city. One of them decided they needed to pee, so they went. On the floor of the train. Even more disturbing, it was a girl so she had to pull down her pants and squat. Sadly most of us just pretended it wasn’t happening and dodged the stream as it came towards us. Her friends sat on the other side of the train out of embarrassment.

Do you still wonder why this blog needs to be written?

Other fun facts:
The saddest day in my Translink history was when I graduated from University and the U-Pass was no longer available to me. That thing, which allowed me to travel every single zone for a cost built into my tuition, was worth the UBC costs. It’s a sad world when you’re stuck paying for your monthly bus pass yet again. Even sadder when they raise fare prices every year.

Pet Peeve:
The crazies riding Translink aren’t my pet peeve. They amuse me. They give me fodder for blogs and tweets and entertaining stories to tell friends and family who don’t have the pleasure of taking public transit. My biggest pet peeve are the people who do not line up for buses. You see it every day at the busy stops, we’re very organized people here and line up to get on the buses (unheard of in many other places I’ve found), but I cannot stand people who do not line up and when the bus arrives they push themselves to the front. I find these people are generally older than me (40+ is the norm, but not quite elderly) and feel that just because they’re older they’re allowed to get on first. I’ve even seen them push  in front of pregnant women or those with strollers!

Look, I’m not saying that the elderly don’t deserve first priority. But I’m also saying that 40-55 years old isn’t elderly, and I’m sure it’d be insulting to them to treat them as such. I give my seat up for those deserving, but people who are clearly able bodied and in good health don’t deserve a seat based on the fact that they’re older than me by about 15 years (you like how I’m trying to be vague about my age here?).  We’re all tired. We’re all dealing with our own crap. Let me get on the bus without some death stares because I’m not being “respectful,” okay.


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