Introducing your Bloggers – Lauren

Hello friends! Lauren here, a.k.a. the other half of the dynamic blogging duo that has brought you this wonderful collection of translink delights.  Now that you have become better accquainted with Jen, I feel as though it’s time I introduced myself.

Although I have been a daily user of public transit since my early teens (facilitated by my lack of driver’s license and independent nature) my translink history goes back much further…  It’s unlikely that it is just a coincidence that two of my mom’s favourite anecdotes about me both involve translink (although it wasn’t called translink back in the day) Firstly, at the tender age of two I (along with my mother) was an extra in a commercial for the skytrain when it was first debuted – I know, pretty impressive right? (autographs are available upon request). However, my personal favourite took place a year or two later, presumably when learning about the differences between boys and girls, and I took it upon my 4 year old self to inform my fellow passengers just exactly who had a vagina and who had a penis, and of course which one they were the proud owner of.  My poor, poor mother.

Routes and areas most frequented:

The number 7 (Dunbar/Nanimo Station) is a standby of mine, I’d say I pretty much take it at least once a day. I also take the 99 b-line all the time and ride the skytrain. I have been known to often take the number 25 (UBC/Brentwood Station) and pretty much any bus that goes between the Kits/Point Grey area and downtown. Plus I make a monthly pillgrimage to Victoria, so I’m well versed in the downtown-Tsawwassen trek, along with the subsequent ferry journey.

Crazy Translink Memory:

Hmmm there have been so many, I can’t choose just one… There was the lady who, for lack of a more refined phrase, took a giant poo at the bus stop (seriously, just dropped her pants and pooped at the bus stop -her bum was facing traffic and everything); or the middle-aged business man ‘sneakily’ reading penthouse on the bus in the middle of the afternoon; or the cracked-out looking lady on the skytrain who was obviously high on meth that started picking and then gnawing at her foot with her teeth before stretching her leg out to offer me ‘a bite’; or finally, the man who got angry and called me a bitch because I didn’t want to buy hotel-sized avon products from his backpack on the skytrain.

Like I said, there are too many great memories to pick just one favourite.

Pet Peeve:

I suppose my one major pet peeve would be the people that sit on the aisle seat leaving the window seat beside them empty and then don’t move when more people get on the bus and it starts to get full and seats are at a premium. I especially dislike these such people when you finally decide to take a stand (or, well, a seat in this case) you motion that you want to sit there or say excuse me, cueing them to skootch over or move to let you get to the window seat… AND THEY JUST MOVE THEIR LEGS SLIGHTLY TO THE SIDE!! Insufficient and unacceptable effort people.


About Lauren W

I am a combination of contradictions and approximately 18 kinds of awesome.
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