The abusive relationship

There is only one way to describe the relationship one has with Translink, specifically the relationship your two bloggers have with Translink. And that is abusive.

I want to be clear, I am in no way trying to make light of abuse and the place it has in our society (be forewarned- this blog will often be cynical and bitchy, we’ll take heavy concepts and try to find humor in them). While technically we’re not getting beaten by the drivers or passengers (although some days I believe the time is near) the relationship we have can be pretty abusive. We want to believe that Translink cares for us and is concerned about our transportation needs, but constantly letting us down and charging us exorbitant prices to ride is not love nor do I feel any respect. Let me explain…

Not having cars or people to drive us around we rely solely on the transit system and our legs to get us around. This means getting us to work, school and meeting up with people, these and other situations often mean that getting to where we need to be on time is pretty important. We place a heavy reliance on buses and their drivers to be at stops when the schedule says it will be. This reliance could also be labeled as a dependence. So, when a system continually lets you down and arrives late frequently or sometimes never at all it becomes hurtful to us as well as those commitments we need to be at to arrive late. Yet, because of our dependence we continue to wait at that stop day in and day out, hoping that it can arrive on time. We continue to give Translink “another try,” not because we’re necessarily forgiving people, but because what they provide for us is a service that we’ve become pretty reliant on.

Of course it seems after a huge fight, such as buses that only run every half an hour not arriving or half full buses not stopping in the pouring rain for god knows what reason, Translink likes to make up. It’s their version of the “I’m sorry. I’ll never do it again. I just love you so much and I can get a little too angry sometimes. Don’t leave me” speech. This comes in the form of really nice bus drivers or one of those incredibly rare days where your bus arrives just as you get to the stop, then the train gets to the station just as you get on the platform and then the next bus is right there waiting for you. And on all those rides you get a seat!  So you forgive and forget, you rationalize that you were the one that was out of line and it’s your fault that the system didn’t work as you wanted it to. If you had arrived 20 minutes earlier, you could have caught the earlier bus. Or maybe the bus driver had a cold and picking up passengers in the minus 5 degree weather was only making it worse. I mean those bus doors opening and closing only make more of a draft.

Get the picture?

And so this is the relationship we have with Translink. We’d love to end it someday, but until our bank accounts allow for us to buy cars or hire drivers this is the hand we’ve been dealt. I like to think this blog is our way of chronicling our abuse, a way for us to see in writing what we put up with it. When and if the day does come that we can even consider car ownership this may be the final push to get us signing the papers for the car when we get a little nostalgic about our long-running relationship with Translink.


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2 Responses to The abusive relationship

  1. SpiderRider3 says:

    TransLink owns all of us.

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