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Let’s Talk About Love

Summer is in the air… or at least it was this Friday. I’m a little unsure of how the rest of the summer will go when the sunshine is hit and miss every day, but positivity is a tall order … Continue reading

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In celebration of strangers.

I was all set to write about the crazy lady I encountered last night at a bus stop downtown – yes, the very same one I tweeted about; the one who was clearly high on something that wasn’t just life, … Continue reading

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You talking to me?

Busy buses and trains are not my favorite places. I don’t like crowds and people bumping up against me and invading my personal space in a confining vehicle where I can’t easily exit gives me sweaty palms. And with the … Continue reading

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To move or not to move – that is my question.

This morning as I was travelling to the gym a man (with a less-than-pleasant odor) got on the bus about 5 mins away from my stop, and despite the “don’t sit by me; don’t sit by me…” mantra running through my head, … Continue reading

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Butt Out

I’m an ardent non-smoker. I hate the smell, hate the memories it conjures for me and hate the second hand smoke. When Vancouver passed it’s non-smoking laws a few years back I could not be happier. Is there anything more … Continue reading

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Life in Suburbia

If there is anything that will make you feel good about the Translink service in Vancouver it’s living in the suburbs. Confession- I grew up in Surrey (I say this with a head bowed in shame and a voice so … Continue reading

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