Butt Out

Is this you?

I’m an ardent non-smoker. I hate the smell, hate the memories it conjures for me and hate the second hand smoke. When Vancouver passed it’s non-smoking laws a few years back I could not be happier. Is there anything more annoying than walking out of a building into the “fresh air” to be blasted with smoke? My personal favorite places this occurred at would be hospitals and gyms… defeats the purpose right?

But I’m not here to lecture. I’ve done that in the past and will keep my peace this time.

I do want to remind everyone that smoking at bus stops is illegal in Vancouver. It is a gathering space and just like the doorways of your favorite bars, hospitals and gyms, sharing your cigarette smoke with the other bus riders is forbidden.

This goes for that guy last winter that chased me out of the bus stop shelter as it poured rain on a -2 degree day because he needed to chain smoke for the 30 minutes we waited for the bus. And the guy in line for the BLine at Broadway the other day that stood in front blowing the smoke back in our faces. As well as the drivers I’ve asked in the past hoping to make it clear to these ass-hats that it is illegal, only to have some gruff, annoyed driver inform me he didn’t know and act as if asking him a question about his place of business was strictly off limits.

I’m hoping that this also makes it clear that smoking in skytrain stations and on the trains and buses also makes it illegal.  Because some people aren’t too sure about that… I was once on a train where some guys tried to “hot box” it one Saturday night.


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One Response to Butt Out

  1. SpiderRider3 says:

    The no smoking laws have sure resulted in some interesting situations. Once we were at a Canada Line station and this guy was smoking and the attendant was almost literally chasing him out of the station. My dad and I were watching with great interest and she eventually got him out and returned to the platform near where we were standing. She says with satisfaction:

    “Smoking isn’t permitted anywhere on the Canada Line.”

    My dad replies, “Oh, smoking isn’t permitted anywhere in CANADA.”

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