Let’s Talk About Love

Summer is in the air… or at least it was this Friday. I’m a little unsure of how the rest of the summer will go when the sunshine is hit and miss every day, but positivity is a tall order right now my dear City of Vancouver. Stay positive and it’ll come!

Of course, summer means many things: patios with frozen blended drinks (remember transit after those drinks!), cute spring dresses, tans (we here advocate the faux, not orange, variety) and of course, summer lovin’ (had me a blast…. summer lovin’, happened so fast).

I guess those kids in Grease had a point eh? Maybe it’s the abundance of exposed skin, maybe it’s the heat and the sweat playing around with hormones, but love (or lust or a random hook-up) is in the air.

What does this all have to do with transit? Well I’m glad you’ve asked.

Because we spend so much time on buses and skytrains it would make sense that we should be able to meet someone worthy of a second glance… right? But how do you know if that cute guy in the plaid shirt is single? How do you even try to make a move on the bus? Is there some kind of signal that could get him to take out the earphones so we can impress him with our wit and charm?

Apparently there is.

This article explains that in Copenhagen, Denmark they’ve attempted to solve the problem at hand, because frankly, without a ring on that hand how do I know if I’m stepping on another girls territory? Not even that, what if he’s just coming out of a relationship, why waste my charm if it’s only going to fall flat.  Like I said, the Copenhagen bus system, Arriva has devised a system to hook up those looking for love on the bus:

Starting on May 3, Danish transport company Arriva introduced red-upholstered designated “love seats” on more than 100 buses in Copenhagen to encourage flirtation, smiles, romance and happiness among the city’s passengers, whether they’re happily single, married or still looking for love. The bigger idea — besides being cute — is to get people to leave their cars parked at home and enjoy riding public transportation, as more of a social endeavor.

They go on to add that the program was given a test run of two weeks, in the beginning of it they did find that rider-ship was up.

What do you think… is the bus or skytrain the place to look for love? Would you be willing to sit in one of these seats? If you’re not a regular transit rider, are you willing to give up the privacy of your car in order to find love, and save the environment?


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