Night bus ride redemption story

Usually when someone tells me they have a good Translink story I automatically assume they’re being sarcastic. It does happen sometimes, where you get such great service that it redeems your faith in the service, but it’s so rare to have a really amazing story….I have one maybe once a year.  It’s even rarer if the super-awesome faith preserving experience happens at night.

I wanted to share a great story my friend told me the other day. Apparently she had been visiting a friend in the West End and was trying to get a bus home after midnight. If you’ve ever lived in the West End or had to visit someone there you understand the headache that is getting a bus to and from there… trust, I lived there for four years.  When she finally caught a bus the driver asked where she was heading to since he was just ending his run and would only be going so far, she said she was hoping to get
brought up to Granville so she could at least find a connecting bus over the bridge to her neighbourhood- South Granville. The driver, who would be going over Granville bridge anyways since they drive up Granville at the end of the night told her he could drive her to her stop. She had the bus to herself with the driver who was really going above the call of duty. Awesome!

I’ve been on a bus at night that is only going “to Granville” where you have to get off at a certain point only to see that the driver is going exactly where you want to go. It’s understandable, they’re finished their shift too, so why bother continuing to drop off people when you don’t have to. But it was also really nice of the driver to give my friend a ride basically to her door since he knew she would be going the same place he was driving by…. thereby saving her an expensive taxi ride or having to wait for another bus, usually not frequent at that time of night and kinda scary/creepy when you’re alone. I mean she would’ve been sober. Near Granville. On a Friday night.

Any great heartwarming stories from late night (or daytime) transit?


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