Transit Trash Talk

Last Friday was a glorious day. The sun was out, the birds were chirping and I had one of those miracle days that every single bus and train was there just as you arrived at the stop. But the best part of the day? Brasil was kicked out of the World Cup!

Most people either love or hate Brasil, but I think most football (pshaw to the term “soccer”) fans could agree this year that it seemed like Brasil was going to go all the way. It was quite a shock on Friday when Netherlands beat them 2-1 and knocked them out of contention.

I personally am on the hating Brasil side. Being Italian I came out of the womb screaming “Forza Azzurri!” It must have worked since we had won the Cup the year I was born. Having won the World Cup in 2006 I had high hopes for my team again this year, sadly we were kicked out during the first round.

Friday, finally having some kind of good news for the first time since Italy were sent home I got on the 99 to hear some guy in a discussion with his (girl?)friend, she apparently thought he was enjoying the Brasil loss a little too much.  Apparently he had talked a little too much trash to his friends during the days game… or at least she felt that way, he on the other hand felt there was no such thing as too much trash talk. I fully agree with this. His reasoning for them deserving the verbal beatdown was how they treated him when his beloved Italy lost.  He saw me snickering and I told him I felt the same as him, Brasil fans should feel the same wrath that they dealt when we shamefully lost/tied so many games in a group that should have been so easy to beat. We then started a conversation about the World Cup and who we thought was going to win it this year.

I’m normally not a talker on transit, but I love the World Cup and how it brings people together. I’m so sad that we have less than a week to discuss the beautiful game. It’s also pretty great that people are into football, I always worry that people wont get into it here because we have no team in the tournament. Instead, because of our multicultural society I think it’s pretty great that we all cheer for our home countries or parents home countries. The competition both on and off the field is pretty intense and makes for great conversations on the bus, at work, in the bar, wherever. And of course, there is the good looking men too.  Is World Cup perhaps the great neutralizer? Is that the closest we’ll get to World Peace? Probably not, but it is a nice distraction for a month every four years.

I only wish we had it more often…. I’ll miss the friendly banter, Vuvuzela’s, good looking guys and of course, transit conversation.

Want to engage in some trash talk? Who do you think will go all the way? I’m pulling for a Germany vs. Netherlands final, I’ve been rooting for both those teams so them in the finals will be win/win for me.


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