Bikes on a train

This week I’m about to do the unthinkable….

If I had a bike like this, I wouldn't need transit.

… I’m going to take my bike on the skytrain.

To be quite honest, I’m not sure what my apprehension is, because people do it all the time. Sometimes they can be annoying, but so can people with strollers. And loud iPods. And smelly B.O.  But I somehow find a way to share the minimal transit space with them.

Maybe it’s because I wasn’t sure what the bike/skytrain rules were, but luckily Translink outlines the rules on their site here. Prior to reading the site I thought the rules were much more strict, being the awesome transit passenger that I am (obligatory I roll here), I didn’t want to step on (roll over?) anyone’s toes. I think it’s because it’s foreign to me and I don’t want to become someone that would become annoying and/or naive that they would most likely be written about on this site or on our Twitter feed if it weren’t actually one of the authors… although I can’t guarantee that Lauren wouldn’t hold back if she saw me acting like an idiot on Translink, in fact I think I would expect it from her (as she could from me).

I’ll be giving it a shot tomorrow I hope, taking my bike on to the trains and heading down to Stanley Park where I hope to take advantage of the sunshine that makes summer in this city so amazing. Wish me luck!

Any advice you got for me? Stories of horror that you need to share? Hit me up in the comments, I’d hate to be a Translink faux pas. Please!


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