Sometimes life gets busy and blogging becomes the last thing on our mind. Either that or we’re composing blog posts on the go in our mind but when it comes down to it, we tend to choose sleep or work over pounding out a post. Or the ideas for fabulous blog posts just don’t come to us. Often the what seems funny or worthy of a post in the trenches doesn’t quite make it to the blog later.

Just like Lindsay Lohan trying to save her ass in a court of law, I’m sure these all look like lame excuses. But please refer to them when we do tend to go silent around here, as we have in the past. I promise, the excuses, while lame, will never be an attempt to get out of a DUI (duh, we transit under the influence) nor will we ever stoop to such lows as blaming our fair readers for the cocaine in our jean pockets (double- nay triple- duh, we would never do cocaine!), just an attempt to beg forgiveness for not providing amusing Translink stories.

Never fear though, because if we’re not blogging here, we’re still very active over on the Twitter. We seem to do alright with the frequency of 140 character blogging. Blame our short attention spans, but we like to say we’re just super busy people who can tweet on the go.

Yes, this long winded post was just a shameless plug for our tweeting: http://twitter.com/translinktweets

Follow us. Love us. Guess who we are on the buses.


About Jen S

The purpose of life is to find humorous blog material
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