How getting screwed by translink helped make my day…

Picture this:

It’s Saturday night, I’m waiting for the #25 outside of the King Ed Skytrain station to whisk me away home. It was about ten to midnight and there were several people at the stop – unusual for so late at night in my experience.  I figured a bus would be arriving very soon due to the crowd, so busied myself texting. However, I was incorrect in my figuring. A bus didn’t show up for about 25 minutes…. and when it did it only went to Granville Street. Ergo NOT to UBC like it usually does… and nowhere even close to my house. Great.

Did I mention I had also forgotten my wallet that day, so getting a cab was out of the question? So it looked like I was going to be walking several blocks home. Alone. At one a.m. on a Saturday night.

Double great.

Luckily another girl who was in a similar predicament (but with her wallet  in tow) offered to split a cab with me from Granville since she lived just a few blocks from my house.  Even though I told her I was sans wallet, she said that I could totally cab it with her – so nice!!  I found out that the scheduled 11:43 bus had never shown up and she had been waiting there for 45 mins and STILL and to pay for a cab home. She was (understandably) incredibly pissed about the smack-down translink had just laid upon her – yet still found it in her to totally help me out when she didn’t have to (perhaps she saw the helplessness in my eyes and that I was fully prepared to walk home) thereby completely making my day.

Regardless, it left me with just a bit more faith in humanity and feeling pretty lucky in a hella unlucky situation. That being said, translink if you’re listening, I’m sure I speak on behalf of all those involved and we would far prefer if the busses just showed up period.


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I am a combination of contradictions and approximately 18 kinds of awesome.
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1 Response to How getting screwed by translink helped make my day…

  1. Leah says:

    That is so nice!

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