Visit Vancouver!

It’s summer (finally), so you know what that means, more tourists in the city. And of course with the recent Olympics, more people are flocking to our fair city to check out where we won all our gold medals (or so we hope, someone’s gotta pay for the event). Below are some tips for tourists (and locals) on how to get along on our transit system.

  • Have your fare ready before getting on the bus. Sadly, the buses wont take your bills, so be ready with toonies, loonies, dimes, nickles, quarters and pennies. They take any kind of (Canadian) change.
  • We line up for things here. Keep with the line, budging in line will warrant you scowls and stink eye from riders like us.
  • Please refrain from smelly foods on transit.
  • Speaking of smelly, remember that it’s hot and transit can lack air conditioning (as does much of the outdoors of the city), deodorant is your friend.  It’s also the best way to make friends. People with BO don’t have friends (FACT!)
  • Buses aren’t air conditioned, they like to think that with the windows open and the speed of the bus allows for much air movement, unfortunately with constant stoppage for passengers and traffic lights, the breeze isn’t sufficient. As for skytrains, two of the three types running on the Millennium and Expo lines have AC. One being the black, modern (newest) trains. The other is hard to explain if you’re not a frequent rider of the trains, they’re the trains that were introduced before the black trains. Basically you can tell which will be air conditioned when you step on… also the ones with AC have their windows closed.
  • The Canada Line is not only Air Conditioned and it’s awesome!
  • Be careful of random liquids on the floor. I’ve seen that it’s not always water.
  • Get to know your zones. This will be your savior when you’re trying to figure out where you’re going around this city. Remember to pay according to the number of zones you’ll be traveling in, transit cops have been out more and more to check fares, you don’t want to get caught not paying.
  • On the BLine, you can board at any door. Score!
  • Do not approach the crazy’s!!!

As for the regular riders, be a pal and remember the VANOC rules during the Olympics. Help out the people who look to be confused and in need of help. Pay it forward.

That’s all I got right now… anything else Translink riders?


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The purpose of life is to find humorous blog material
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