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AmberĀ Alert

Sunday afternoon the Greater Vancouver area was issued an Amber Alert. The Amber Alert is a system used in many places around the world to get the word out when a child is abducted and with the co-operation of news … Continue reading

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Young Love

At King Edward and Dunbar bus stop.

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Happiness is…

… finding out that the Skytrain is still running. Last night I went to a late dinner with my friend Leah after the Lady Gaga concert (in one word: amazing) to the Bentall Cactus Club, which is right across the … Continue reading

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Power FAIL

It’s Saturday night, just after 10pm at the Main Street skytrain station. What was I doing here at this time of night? At some fabulous party? No, I was coming home from work. It had been a busy night and … Continue reading

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Which is the worst season to take transit in – summer or winter?

Everyone seems to be complaining about the heat, and more specifically taking public transport in this ridiculous heat (including me) but from what I can recall it’s not nearly as bad this year as it was last year. I can … Continue reading

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To be a kid again

I remember being a kid and how the Skytrain was a treat on the rare occasion when we’d get to ride it. My grandfather would drop my mom, brother and I off at Scott Road Station (before the extension of … Continue reading

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First comes fame, then fortune… I hope?

I was suffering through a long, busy day at work today when I started reading through Tweets after I got tired of listening to people talk and I found an article from the Province’s twitter account about the heat and … Continue reading

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