Technologically Advanced

Let’s face it, riding the Transit system has changed over the past few years with advances in technology. As I wrote last time, phones have made getting to the bus on time easier (or so it should) and online trip planners has taken the guesswork out of getting to where you need to be. It also takes out the need to ask bus drivers if you’re heading in the right direction, this can be a plus or minus depending on your past experience of interacting with them.

My new favorite advancement for Translink is Twitter. Not just our own amazing Tweet Feed but those of regular Translink tweeters, including the Translink people themselves. I’m lucky enough to have a smartphone that allows me to read tweets on the go (whatever did I do before this?!?!?) and get up-to-date advice about what areas are having problems with service. Learning that the Millennium Line is having problems before I get there is a lifesaver when this perpetually late person is once again behind schedule. Other Translink users will also Tweet warnings of service down or interesting anecdotes, which helps pass time when you’re waiting for the bus that just wont come.

I use an iPhone and check my tweets on the Twitter for iPhone app, which is my favorite Twitter app (except when they released an update with a glitch last week). Where are you checking out your Translink-related Tweets?


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