Weekends 101: The Quiz

It’s quiz time Tales of Translink readers!
Please take out your number 2 pencils and select the best option for the following scenario. Mark your scantron forms clearly and write your full name in the space provided.
Question 1:
It’s Saturday night and you are going out with your friends to a hip, new bar in Gastown. You have 3 cocktails, your friend Joe has 4 beers and Sally has 3.5  glasses of wine. All three of you were also given a round of free shots from the bartender, a good-looking young chap named Troy. It’s now 1:45 and you guys decide to go home. How do you get there?

a) You get in your car and drive your friends and yourself home.
b) You’re in Gastown, so you walk to Waterfront Station and skytrain it home.
c) You wait around for Troy to finish his shift and get a ride with him.
d) Take a cab
e) Call your parents and/or friends to pick you up.

Question 2:
How much is a cab ride from Downtown to East Vancouver (let’s say, the border of Burnaby-Vancouver)? What about Downtown Vancouver to Surrey? (all prices do not include tips)

a) Vancouver= $20/ Surrey = $40
b) Vancouver = $25/ Surrey = $80
c) Vancouver= $15/ Surrey = $50
d) Vancouver = $30/ Surrey = $80

Put down your pencils and let’s see how you did. Give yourself one mark for every correct answer. As with in life (and university) there are no half marks and you can’t argue your way into extra credit.

Question 1.
If you answered:

Who the hell do you think you are? Chad Kroeger?

b) It’s 1:45 in the am. Your train left long ago friend. You’ll be met at that station by closed gates.
c) Oh my god, did your mother never teach you to get into cars with strangers? I know, I know, he’s cute. But…. he’s a bartender. A BARTENDER!
e) I don’t know about you but my parent’s days of driving my drunk ass home are over. As for your friends, do you want to have that awkward conversation about how you’re out drinking while they’re at home on Saturday night after you didn’t invite them out? Yeah, walking seems like a more viable option right now.

That leaves the correct answer as D. The only smart choice here is to take a cab. It’s also the most expensive.

Speaking of expensive, how did you answer Question 2?

The correct answer was B. Last Saturday I paid $25 to get home from Gastown (although technically I wasn’t in Gastown when I caught the cab, I had to walk up to the stadium area to even get one). Back in the day when I was living in Surrey and I missed the last train (by mere moments! I swear they’d be pulling down the gates in front of me) most cabbies wouldn’t dream of taking the trip out there, at least on the clock. So you’d bribe them with money and they’d drive you out explaining that basically everything you are giving them is going to go straight into their pockets because they’re technically working “off the clock.” And then your drunk ass tips them because you’re a good girl who always tips out of fear of the guy thinking you’re a bad person. $80 is about the going rate to get to Surrey, I’ve adjusted it for inflation.

Moral of the story? Well there is a few of them, let’s look at it in point form, shall we?

  • Bars in Vancouver stay open late, as in past 1am late! Oh my god, SCANDAL!
  • People drink in bars!
  • It’s probably not best to drive drunk. Not only are you going to kill yourself, but those in other cars around you. We’re not all Mr. Nickelback, we can’t afford high priced attorneys and buy ourselves get out of jail free cards.
  • Cabs are expensive.
  • Skytrains close down before the bars do.
  • Sleeping in your own bed after a night of drinking is heavenly

Now, put on your thinking caps. How do we solve this problem? We could stop drinking, but that’s just ludicrous! Also, we don’t have cars so what would the point be? We could continue to take cabs, but as we’ve said so many times in the past, we take transit because we have no money to buy cars. Cabs are an ok choice, but they eat into our car savings, as well as drinking funds.

Folks, it seems that the best option would be to keep those skytrains running past the normal bar closing time of at least 2am. All we’re asking for is one more hour of train time. Think of the people who wont be drunk driving! And the money saved on cabs! And people wont have to “crash” at some random person’s place because they can’t afford the other options!

How did you do on your quiz? Check it below:

0 Correct: Not a transit rider eh? Did you just stumble upon this blog to see how the other half live?

1 Correct: Meh. I assume you know how to get home after a night of drinking but you’re not paying attention to the cabbie when he’s overcharging you for your trip to the ‘burbs.

2 Correct: Congrats! You not only know how to get home home safely but you probably do it while bitching to the cabbie about the Skytrain close times.

OK, class dismissed.


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3 Responses to Weekends 101: The Quiz

  1. Leah says:

    You are hilarious!

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