First comes fame, then fortune… I hope?

I was suffering through a long, busy day at work today when I started reading through Tweets after I got tired of listening to people talk and I found an article from the Province’s twitter account about the heat and Translink. Because I made some crazy promise to blog every other day,  I was hoping to find some blog fodder, so I clicked through and started reading only to find the above tweet staring back at me.

Awesome! I’m famous!

Ok, not really. My real name isn’t used and it is only the local paper, but for a girl who hasn’t seen anything resembling her 15 minutes of fame since an appearance on the kid’s television game show Kidstreet at 7 years old, this is pretty cool. Although, I would like to point out that I didn’t say I was suffering in the heat, just that air conditioning on the Skytrain is a lovely perk and my coworkers are probably happy that my makeup wasn’t melting down my face when I arrived.  That’s hard to convey in 140 characters though.

Incredibly dorky confession aside (not the Kidstreet, but that being mentioned in the paper is the highlight of my otherwise mundane Monday), the article was pretty entertaining. Their tweet was attention grabbing, discussing riders who go topless (I assume women, but most men I see riding topless should obey this rule too), when in fact it’s more about ways to keep cool during the hot summer months on Transit.

I think the most important part of the article though, is a golden rule that should be obeyed all year round:

TransLink spokesman Drew Snider called it the Golden Rule of Transit: “Ride beside others as you would have them ride beside you.”

Basically it boils down to the fact that the only way to beat the heat is to pray to Translink gods, which I like to do all the time, be it for Skytrains and buses with AC, for the bus to show up or for the smelly people not to sit next to me.

And of course, as they point out…. it could be worse, we could be in Toronto.


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