To be a kid again

I remember being a kid and how the Skytrain was a treat on the rare occasion when we’d get to ride it. My grandfather would drop my mom, brother and I off at Scott Road Station (before the extension of the line further into Surrey) and we’d go to meet my dad after work. We would only ride the train into New West/Burnaby, it seemed like such a short distance on such a fun ride.

Going over the bridge was the best part, my brother and I would fight for the window seat trying to get a glimpse at the brown Fraser River below us. Looking at the boats and barges from above.  Most times since it wasn’t always busy, maybe due to mid-day traveling or the fact that public transit wasn’t as popular then, we’d each get our own window seat. My mom beside me and my brother on his own.

Things have obviously changed. I could care less now about a window seat, I much prefer one on my own or at least a seat mate that doesn’t smell and keeps to their own seat. The long ride into Surrey is much too long now, torturous if I were to forget my iPod or a book. Mom is no longer shelling out the money for my fare, that comes off my paycheck. Although I’m sure if she were to be paying she’d also be complaining about the exorbitant prices and threatening to stop taking public transit with each fare increase.

I see kids on the train every day who will remind me of those days. I read about one father who brought his son on the Skytrain on rainy days, riding the various lines back and forth much to his son’s entertainment. His favorite line was Canada Line, and who could blame him? 90% of the time I’m awestruck by that train ride…. I mean I get cell service in the tunnels!

It’s amazing that the things that entertain us as a child are now the things that become the most mundane of daily activities. Merely a way to get from point A to B.

You can’t help but wonder, when did it ever stop being a simple pleasure? Will it ever be that way again? How, after what I’ve seen and know now, will I ever be able to fake smile and be amused through a Skytrain ride for the sake of my future kid’s entertainment?


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