Happiness is…

… finding out that the Skytrain is still running.

Last night I went to a late dinner with my friend Leah after the Lady Gaga concert (in one word: amazing) to the Bentall Cactus Club, which is right across the street from Burrard Station. It was about 12:30 and we were finishing up our meals and slowly nursing our glasses of wine, in no rush to get home although the waitress, who kept insisting we “take our time,” kept trying to push us out the door. Then a nagging thought, one that is pervasive every time I’m enjoying a night out, entered my mind… what time is the last train.  Being almost 1:00am I figured we were screwed and another $25 cab ride was in store. I checked my phone to discover the last train left Waterfront a little after 1, leaving us with time to finish our wine and get to the Skytrain.

Admittedly, I questioned my phone and the Translink website. After all, this is the company that I texted 4 times for bus times yesterday only to be told what time the #27 would arrive 2 hours after the fact (yes, they’re still doing that).

Upon arriving to the station and seeing the gates still up and trains still running I was, in the words of Lady Gaga, So Happy I Could Die.

Of course, I then questioned why the trains only run 30 minutes later on Saturday nights.


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