Next stop: Granville Street

September 7th has kids going back to school, marks the end of the summer (although not officially) and the return of buses on Granville Street.

Remember these buses? I miss them. (photo via Miss 604)

The trolly buses stopped running down Granville in April of 2006 to allow for the construction of the Canada Line and since then has remained relatively car and transit free allowing pedestrians to walk down the roads and across them without the usual worry of getting hit. I’m aware that we Vancouverites don’t care much for safe street crossing, but it was nice to know the danger wasn’t as imminent on Granville for awhile. I remember when they first took the buses off the street and began running them down Seymour, I felt like the day they would return would never come. Just like I felt that the Olympics that we had been planning and waiting for would never come, yet it seems now that they’ve happened so long ago. Here we are almost half a decade later and buses will now be dropping you off in front of Two Parrots, Vogue Theatre or Future Shop, to name a few.

I don’t know why I love it when the buses run down Granville, maybe because it gives the feeling of a happening city with transit links to it’s main shopping district. I realize that you were only being dropped off a block away on Seymour, but it’s not as visually pleasing and I could never remember which stop brought me to the correct place.

The only sad thing about this occasion is that they’ll be running the new buses down the trolly wires now. I miss the old red and white buses, the lines would come off the wires far more often (which I would no doubt have ranted about on this here blog by now), but they bring back a nostalgia for my freshman years as a bus rider and student.

Important Travel Note: The buses will not be traveling down Granville Street after 9pm on weekends (damn, no hopping on the bus after stumbling out of a bar or club like old days). As per The Buzzer Blog:

On Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and on the evenings before a holiday, buses will use Seymour (northbound) and Howe (southbound) from 9pm until the close of service. We’ll post signs on bus stops to let people know, and we’ll be working with the City and the Police to strike the appropriate balance for Granville Mall between transit corridor and entertainment district.

What say thee, Translink riders? Are you as excited about buses returning to Granville or is it more of a pain than a pleasure for you?


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