The heat is on

Fall is upon us, dear riders.  It was a busy summer for us, we started out wondering if love on the bus was possible and tried to trash talk during the World Cup. We helped out the tourists with a guide to riding the system and then kept you sharp and tested your drinking and driving IQ with our weekend Translink service quiz. Rather boring and mundane bus rides became exciting and fun with costumes, of course it brought back some memories that may be helpful for the Halloween season. We debated which season was worse to ride Translink in, and Winter won by a landslide, although we spent a lot of the summer praying for our makeup, sweat glands and fame.

Now that we’ve hit autumn we have a lot to look forward to- umbrella’s on bus seats making it impossible for us to sit down; buses packed more than usual; the bitter wait for the bus in the colder weather.

It’s also during this season that the bus drivers wear their shorts. Sure they’re doing it in the spring and summer, but they’ll continue this into the fall and winter. I can only ask you, as I ask myself every single time I board a bus with a driver wearing their navy blue shorts, WHY? What is it about their job makes them think that it’s feasible to wear shorts all year ’round?

Dear riders, I don’t want you to think I’m against the bare legs in the colder months. Having had the same father my whole life, a father who wears shorts almost every single day of the year, I can accept shorts even when my own legs are freezing in my jeans.  I do have an exception, that being if you can’t handle the cold, you should be putting your pants on. Sitting by the door can be cold, the door whooshing open and closed bringing with it cold air. Drivers then try to compensate by cranking the heat, and if you’ve been following our Twitter you’d know that we’re not a fan of heat being cranked. You see, as of right now and for the next few weeks it’s not cold enough for heated buses. Maybe this is because we’re used to being outside and in the colder weather, so we compensate with layers of shirts, sweaters or jackets. Getting on the bus into the heat is uncomfortable and taking off layers isn’t happening when you’re standing shoulder to shoulder to your neighbour and getting off in a couple stops.

Shorts, overheated buses and sweat. It’s like summer continues into our fall season, except this time there is a defense against the high temperatures. We beg of the bus drivers, keep the heat down and throw on a pair of pants if you feel a chill.


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