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Late Night Debate

This week on CTV News they’ve been investigating an ongoing problem in Vancouver around the new drinking and driving laws and alternative methods for getting home safely. The worry to get home after a night out isn’t a new one. … Continue reading

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Break time

I’ll admit, I’m not the stealthiest person. Nor am I a morning person. Honestly if I’ve got an appointment or somewhere to be at a specific time I’m most likely going to be a few minutes late or arrive on … Continue reading

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Is this a thing… or am I crazy?

Is there any rhyme or reason to where the doors stop on the Skytrain? I mean obviously they stop in the same place, but can you figure out where they’ll stop at each station? I think I’ve found a pattern. … Continue reading

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My time to shine

(alternate blog post title: Help Me Win an iPad) Good news my fellow Translink people! They’ve announced that in 2013 the system will welcome electronic fare cards. I for one welcome this system, it’s hopefully going to drive people to … Continue reading

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Reason #23 to break out your halloween costume early

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The babies on the bus…

I think there should be a special bus etiquette guide for people with children and babies. Seriously though. I have seen enough dangerous, dumb and disgusting things involving people under seven years of age to write several blog posts, but … Continue reading

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A little clarification

Now just to clarify, it’s not that I hate people who seem to be incapable of crossing theĀ  two steps magic threshold and shuffling to the rear of the bus, or those that merely choose not to – they just … Continue reading

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