It’s one small step

I realized today while reading some tweets that I have a bus prejudice. I’m not quite sure where it came from, I’m not a fan of the very back of the bus.

Everyone has their favourite section of the bus, mine being the middle. I board the B-Line through the middle door and grab a seat right in front of the doors (either the second or third single seat on the new buses or the second or third row on the older buses). I get off at Main Street usually, so I try to be close to the doors when it’s crowded for an easy exit. If it’s a regular bus I’ll grab the seat behind the driver, especially if I’ve got a lot of bags and every time I curse it because I swear one day I’ll fly off the seat with some of these crazy drivers. If that’s not available (particularly on the trolley buses where this doesn’t exist) I prefer one of the single seats or one of the double seats. It’s rare I head to the very back.

I think it’s because I don’t really like the side seats at the back and the very back row isn’t that pleasing either. You’re too close to your neighbours and there’s too many people to push through when you want off.

I admit it, when it comes to standing room only, I’m probably one of those people that L hates…

For some reason, unless there’s a seat I really want I’m not going up that step. And I don’t want that seat unless I’m dead tired. Instead I’ll stand by the door, but not blocking it when you want to get off. I’m considerate and will move, I promise.

Why? I don’t have a clue. It’s not like that step is going to exhaust me. It’s not like I’m Rosa Parks and against the back of the bus.

Maybe I just have a deep desire to piss people like L off? Or it could lead to my fear of falling down stairs and hurting myself and/or making an ass of myself.

What about you riders? Where are you preferred places on the bus, will you take that step?


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1 Response to It’s one small step

  1. Please don’t enter the bus through the middle doors! It’s not fair to those who enter though the front doors – and pay!

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