The babies on the bus…

I think there should be a special bus etiquette guide for people with children and babies. Seriously though. I have seen enough dangerous, dumb and disgusting things involving people under seven years of age to write several blog posts, but I will limit myself to a few simple suggestions and guidelines parents and caregivers should take into consideration when taking transit.

1) make your child sit on their bum. Do not let them stand on the seats and look out the window or climb all over the seats – guess what, that’s dangerous. Not only do other people have to sit in the seat after your Child’s fresh from the playground shoes have been all over it, but the bus stops suddenly sometimes, causing people to jolt forward and children who aren’t seated safely to go flying. They don’t know any better, they’re kids. It’s your job as a parent or other form of caregiver to foresee obvious potential danger for them and try to avoid it. I have seen at least 2 kids doing this fall and hurt themselves when the bus had to brake suddenly. Not cool.

2) sit with your child, especially if they’re under seven. It’s a novel idea I know, and you would think it’s self explanatory why this might be a good plan, mais non. I have seen 5-7 yr old kids sitting at the back of the bus while their parents, nannies, etc are at the front with a baby in a stroller. What if said kid starts messing around, hopping from seat to seat, walking up and down the aisles… You’re not there to discipline them or subsequently help them if they take a tumble. Q

3) do not purchase a stroller that is the size of a semi truck if you plan on take g the bus. Five feet long is rather excessive for two kids, as is four feet wide.
You barely fit through the doorway for goodness sake!

4) try to avoid bringing your child on the bus if they reek, and I mean reek of a dirty diaper. Come on, it can’t be pleasant for them and it sure as he’ll ain’t pleasant for all the other passengers within smelling range.

That is all.


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2 Responses to The babies on the bus…

  1. Jen S says:

    I’d like to add if you have a stroller make them sit in the stroller (if it isn’t filled with bags that is). I hate when people take the kid out of the stroller and put them in a seat someone else could be using while their empty stroller is taking up a row of seats that has been folded up to accommodate. Fold up the stroller if that’s the case.

  2. Gordo says:

    I use a wheelchair and when I’m parked in the wheelchair bay, I’ve had those mega-strollers ram me so many times. Seriously, they’re twice the size of me and my wheelchair — and I’m a full-grown adult, and I’m including my backpack and stuff to the comparison!

    In fact, having a smaller stroller might be an advantage. Whenever both wheelchair bays are being used, having a small fold-up stroller can actually get you on the bus that you’d otherwise miss due to insufficient room. Heck, sometimes we can fit both me and a fold-up stroller in the same wheelchair bay (although I highly doubt that’s allowed under TransLink’s rules).

    Down with 4×4 SUV strollers.

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