My time to shine

(alternate blog post title: Help Me Win an iPad)

Good news my fellow Translink people! They’ve announced that in 2013 the system will welcome electronic fare cards. I for one welcome this system, it’s hopefully going to drive people to pay for their rides and keep the costs of the fares from rising, or so I’m sure Gordon Campbell will spin it that way (btw, if you want to argue that it’s not G.C. in charge of that, I don’t care. I blame him for all that is wrong… for example I have a pimple, damn you Campbell!!!). Please bookmark this post for future reference when I’m most likely proven wrong.

Anyways, Translink is having a contest to name their new electronic fare cards. The winner gets an iPad and a free electronic fare card loaded for the first year.

Here’s your mission, leave your submissions in the comments and I’ll enter the best ones into the contest under my name. I’m looking for something snappy and somewhat smart-assed.

I want that iPad!

What’s in it for you? My eternal gratitude. A shout-out on this blog. More tweets and blogs due to my iPad making communication that much easier. Also, I’ll be getting the fare card for the year and that’s bound to lead to some great stories. I fancy myself a cultural researcher I like to think that I’ll be the best person to send into the field to write the stories and humorous incidents resulting from confusion over these new fare cards.

Let’s just ignore the fact that I’m seriously hoping that by 2013 I wont be riding Translink anymore.

Comment away with your wittiest names my dear readers. Don’t worry, I’m busy working my brain muscles for a name worthy of an electronic fare card. Just not leaving them here, because you know, someone might steal them and thereby take my Apple dream away from me.


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3 Responses to My time to shine

  1. Lauren W says:

    You have an iphone…. why do you need an iPad too?? There’s nothing the iPad can do that the iphone can’t….

  2. Jen S says:

    Oh Lauren, Lauren, Lauren.

    The answer to your question is three fold…

    1- I am an iWhore, if it’s shiny and Apple I want it
    2- It’s a contest, I need to win it. They also offer a pass for a year
    3- The iPad is like the iPhone, except bigger. I can pretend I’m a wee-miniature person talking on my phone when I hold it to my ear. Can watch videos and not need to squint. Play Angry Birds and Chuzzle at larger sizes. So many options, so much time to explore them all.

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