Break time

I’ll admit, I’m not the stealthiest person. Nor am I a morning person. Honestly if I’ve got an appointment or somewhere to be at a specific time I’m most likely going to be a few minutes late or arrive on time but stressed out due to the close call I’ve just had with being late. It’s not like I like being late, I just have this mindset that most places take 15 to 30 minutes to get to. Tops. And of course I’m always wrong, because I always forget to factor in that buses aren’t magically there when I arrive at the stop. I think it goes back to the days of yore when I used to drive and there was no dependency on someone else schedule to get you somewhere on time.

I don’t want to be late, trust me. And I hate when people are late with meeting me, although I think everyone should get a 5 minute leeway. It’s basically saying that you don’t value that person’s time enough to respect that they may have a schedule to adhere to.

So it really pisses me off when bus drivers decide to take their breaks in the middle of their route. I have been on the bus so many times where the driver stops to get off and run into a Starbucks/McDonalds/Pizza Place/etc for food or a drink. And while this is unacceptable at anytime (why are you eating and driving!), it’s especially annoying when they’re doing it in the middle of morning rush hour.

I’m not the only one on the bus constantly checking their watch to see how much time they have left before their appointment and if they’ll make it on time, many of us are running late and depend on the transit system. If it should only take me 20 minutes to get from Commercial/Broadway to Granville, then I leave myself 20 minutes and hope the driver is an Andretti.  When the driver decides to pit stop somewhere between Fraser and Main to wait in a 5 minute long line up for there java fix, it’s a little bit of a piss off.

Not only are they breaking the fifth Translink commandment (Thou Shall Not Abandon a Bus Full of People for a Big Mac), but they’re making everyone late and thereby telling us that our time is far less important than their Mac Attack.

This has happened to me during the morning rush hour, during the middle of the day and with a bus full of angry UBC students trying to get to campus on time for midterms. Obviously it’s not just one rouge driver.

Has this ever happened to you? Was there a mutiny aboard the bus? Anyone want to join forces with me next time this happens and lock the driver out and/or steal the bus?


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2 Responses to Break time

  1. Audacity says:

    It has rarely happened to me, thankfully, and never during rush hour. The only thing that came close was when a driver really had to pee, and had to take a “break” at Airport Station during rush hour as a result. But since it was a peak hour bus (where 99% of the passengers were regulars), everyone just kind of laughed it off; the driver was usually reliable enough most of the time for us to let it slide this one time.

  2. I was fired for being 10 minutes late, when I missed my bus. My boss said I should come to work a half an hour early so I won’t be late. Yeah… sure!

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