Little Piece of Heaven

These past couple days have been heaven. My parents went away for their anniversary (Happy 35th M&D!) and left me to watch the worlds best dog (for real… look at the adorable face below) and gave me full access to their car.

Adorable, mais non?


I’ve been in Surrey and working/socializing/errand running in Vancouver, so I’ve spent a lot of time driving back and forth between the two areas. To my surprise I’ve been pretty zen about the traffic in the morning, you see I’m not the most patient person and keeping my anger in check towards stupid drivers was never a strong point. Sure, I yell and I flipped off the guy who cut me off, but that’s the Italian in me coming out (I was taught to drive by my dad, a very stereotypical Italian driver). And it’s been very rare. This is all very tame for me compared to how I was when I was driving everyday.

Could it be, has Translink calmed me as a driver?

Because for all the traffic I face, for all the stop and go on Highway One and the idiotic drivers, it beats being on a crowded bus any day. I just think about all the crap I could be dealing with on the bus, the smells, the people, the weather. In the car I’ve got my music blasting, I’m singing along and I’ll even throw in a choreographed dance while listening to old school Britney (RIP).

Translink would probably argue that I should still be taking the skytrain daily and avioding the traffic but honestly I can see why so many people decided to just take their cars instead. In reality I don’t leave that much earlier than I would if I were to be taking the train, and if I were to be busing from the house to the train I’d be leaving earlier. Like I said, I don’t mind the traffic so much, once I make my way into Coquitlam it’s pretty clear driving into the city.

At this point in my alone-in-my-car-with-no-canner-smell existence, I think the only valid argument someone could honestly use on me to turn me against driving into the city each day would be the pollution created in driving. This would probably be true if my parents hadn’t decided to take advantage of a government rebate program a few years back, but they did and so I drive a hybrid each day with the added bonus of cheaper gas (not so much cheaper, but less gas used = less fill ups). Take that environmentalists!

Avoiding smelly bus people, not having to deal with rainy transit, the car being there when I need it, my own private dance club… is there anything that Translink could offer me right now that appeals more than driving? There is maybe one thing. I went out for dinner on Sunday night with a friend to Trattoria on 4th Ave, they make amazing Italian food by the way, and like with any Italian meal it would have been so much better with wine. But since this girl was driving, I stuck with water. Damn you new drinking laws!


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