roasted alive (nearly…)

Has anyone else ever been on a bus that was far too hot for comfort and done nothing, except perhaps unzip your coat, shift uncomfortably in your seat and continue to suffer, for fear of upsetting another passenger?

This happened to me last week on my way to work. It was an icky grey gross and raining kinda day. Although it was far from warm outside it wasn’t exactly freezing cold either, and I had layered up and dressed appropriately for the chilly, deluge. I obviously did not expect the bus to be some twisted version of a steam room and sauna combined, which is what it turned out to be.
Now bless the 99 driver and his little heart, I’m sure he thought he was just doing something nice for us public transit taking folk by cranking the heat up (waay up) on an icky day but I was dying. This could be because I somehow managed to situate myself under a heating vent and hot air was blasting at me from what felt like all directions. Plus I was squished between two people sitting on either side of me.
It was also these two people that prevented me from removing one of my many layers, as I thought it best to not to lean so far over so that was practically lying on them, shove my elbow in one of their faces and risk inadvertently punching the other in the face just to remove my coat.
I try to be nice like that – do unto others and all that jazz.

I also didn’t want to risk opening a window as that could involve all the aforementioned obstacles AND have the added one of rain coming in since we were practically in the midst of a monsoon.
Basically I didn’t want to piss anyone off.

So instead I sat. I sat sweltering and started to sweat. I mean I did what I could; I unzipped my jacket and my hoodie; I tied my hair up so it wasn’t on my neck; There may have even been a 24hrs newspaper used as a fan – but still there were little droplets of perspiration starting to appear on my forehead. Not the most ideal way to start ones day let me assure you.
I could tell I was not the only one that felt this way, as others started to unzip jackets and empathetic looks darted from passenger to passenger.

My question to you fellow transit users is what should I have done in this situation?  Should I have sucked it up an suffered (as i did) or should I have opened a window and potentially incurred the wrath of someone who would probably end up getting sprinkled with droplets of rain?

Hmmm….. ?


About Lauren W

I am a combination of contradictions and approximately 18 kinds of awesome.
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