Driver complaint

My week of paradise has ended. The parents have returned and I’ve dug my bus pass out from the bottom of my purse.

Perhaps one of the most annoying thing while driving is the bus drivers. I realize it is the law to yield to the drivers when they’re pulling away from the stop, and while it frustrates me I accept it.

But could it hurt them to shoulder check? Or even look for that matter?

If I’m behind them I do let them in (or speed up), but often I find that drivers will signal and pull away from the curb, regardless of whether there is a car right beside their bus.

As a bus rider I know this is an ongoing problem, I know I’ve been on a bus that has nearly collided with a car when pulling out.

Is the blame completely on the drivers of the buses? No, I know there are plenty of drivers that try to speed up when they see those lights indicating that the bus is pulling out, but as a driver responsible for everyone on that bus he owes it to us to check that the roads are clear before leaving the stop.


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3 Responses to Driver complaint

  1. SpiderRider3 says:

    I’ve never seen anyone yield to a bus pulling out…

  2. Jen S says:

    I’ll stop. I think it’s rare but people do and I’m not necessarily saying it’s by choice, many times it’s because you see that they’re not planning on looking to see if cars are coming or they just start pulling out.

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