Hey readers-

It’s about that time again when I feel like I should apologize for our lack of posting around here (it’s the Canadian in me). We’re both super-busy as usual, but with both of us working in customer-service related jobs this time of year is extra hectic. Getting yelled at by customers and clients can take a lot out of a gal and blogging at the end of the day just isn’t as appealing as a glass of wine and bitching to your friends about how you’re losing faith in the human race (new blog idea?). Or at least that’s my excuse. L’s just a super-busy chick who makes me tired just thinking about all the stuff she crams into her day.

Anyways, as usual we’re still tweeting up a storm so please do follow us there. And tweet us back, we love hearing your stories from the trenches!

And if you’re missing transit related stories in your day, let me direct you to a fellow blogger who writes great things (or not-so-great things, but written greatly) over on the blog Priority Seating. It’s an often-updated look at life on Translink and is “currently… the only TransLink story blog to have a focus on passengers with disabilities.”

Thanks for reading everyone!


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The purpose of life is to find humorous blog material
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