The Bodyguard: Follow up

We received an interesting comment on the previous article here The Bodyguard that  I wanted to post because it’s good information about what to do if harassed on the bus or if you’re waiting at stop at night.

Thanks for posting about security on TransLink’s system – you brought up a lot of important points that we hope will incite discussion and increase awareness for our customers.

To help move the conversation along, I want to share our rules and regulations with respect to the incidents described and let what our customers can do if they are concerned about their security while on TransLink’s system.

The situation you described about the woman being passed-over by the #19 (which runs every 20 minutes at night) shouldn’t have happened; bus drivers are instructed to pick up anyone that’s waiting, provided there’s room onboard, especially at night. If customers see something like this happening, they can a) talk to the driver, and/or b) contact TransLink’s Customer Information at 604-953-3333 c) fill out our mobile feedback form at The more information that customers can provide about the time and location of the incident, direction of travel, details about what happened, etc., the better.

If a bus stop doesn’t feel safe, please contact the municipality that it’s located within as they are responsible for building and maintaining bus stops.

The second situation described above is very serious. Depending on the circumstances, there are a number of actions that a bus driver can take, including a) placing an emergency call to TransLink’s transit communications centre to get support from police, b) connecting with TransLink operations so that they can record the audio, c) tagging the event for recording if the bus is equipped with a camera system, d) asking the person to leave the bus, e) moving the person being ridiculed to stand near the driver. If any customers witness a serious incident or are concerned for their security while riding SkyTrain, they can and should press the yellow emergency strip along the windows to alert security. A Sky Train Attendant will meet the train at the next station to help resolve the situation. Thanks again for the post and for giving us the opportunity to share information about keeping our system safe and secure. Erin TransLink Communications

Thanks to Erin from Translink for the information and for reading!


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