Pet Peeve #276: The dreaded ‘knee-swivel’

So you know when you’re sitting in a seat nearest to the window and when your stop draws near and it’s time for you to disembark the bus the person beside you doesn’t actually stand up to let you off, instead they merely shuffle their legs to the side so they’re pretty much just sitting sideways in the seat and you have to somehow maneuver around them to get off the bus – yeah, I hate that.

But actually, why can’t they just stand up and let me off? I have a gigantic bag and it’s really hard to get past them without smacking them with it. And even if I manage not to maim the knee-swiveler with my bag, there’s no guarantee the person in front of them won’t remain unscathed. This happened to me the other day – as I was trying to squeak past a knee-swiveler with my 30 lb bag raised ahead of me so as not to accidentally concuss her, the bus jolted (as busses are known to do) and said bag then hit the woman in the seat in front of us. Naturally I immediately apologized profusely, but to no avail – I still got a death look. Great, so now I look like an asshole because the chick beside me wouldn’t fully move and I tried to avoid rendering her unconcious.

Oh and then today it happened again. The girl beside me (why does it just seem to be females?) just swiveled – I managed to stand up just fine, but then couldn’t move any further because the bus was so packed and no one could take my empty seat because they couldn’t get past the girl who wouldn’t actually stand up. If someone could’ve sat down there would have been room for me to move – bus tetris if you will. Sigh. Eventually we reached the stop and people vacated the bus, the lady was able to move past the knee swiveler, who refused to move over to the other seat and all was right with the world.

Regardless, my point is this: it is bloody annoying. Just stand up. Say no to knee-swivelling… or I just might stop trying to not hit you in the head as I make my way past you. Just sayin.


About Lauren W

I am a combination of contradictions and approximately 18 kinds of awesome.
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3 Responses to Pet Peeve #276: The dreaded ‘knee-swivel’

  1. Christine says:

    I’ve stopped trying not to hit them with my bag (if they’re lucky). Nope, if they can’t get up (especially if the aisle is empty) then they get my a** in their face. Karma’s a bitch, and so am I.

  2. chococotton says:

    I know what you mean, but I’m also totally guilty of having done this sometimes, mostly because either the aisle is way too crammed with people for me to even be able to get up for the person, or because they tried to get up when the bus is still moving (and I know I’ll fall on my face if I try to get up). But yeah, there should be some established etiquette around this, it’d make life easier.

  3. “I have a gigantic bag…” I think that’s the problem.

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