I am not a robot dammit…

…I have emotions!

It’s been a bit of a roller coaster kinda year for me – lots of emotional ups and downs to say the least. As a result, I have cried quite a few times on public transit. It is far from ideal, but it’s the way the proverbial cookie has crumbled. 

I realize that talking about crying in public is a somewhat taboo issue, given that I have cried in front of many a bus passenger and I’m pretty sure it was more awkward for them than it was for me each time. I was talking about tearing up on transit the other day with a co-worker and a customer and it got me thinking more about the topic. The customer was telling us about how she had cried on the skytrain earlier that day after finding out her car was pretty much a write-off (I do not drive, but I hear people have sentimental attachments to their cars) and how she was all embarassed at the time – something i imagine most people feel when crying in public. However, interestingly enough, I’m rarely embarassed when crying on the bus. Depending on my mood (and, er, blood alcohol level) I handle my heightened emotions in different ways. I pretty much always cry silently on the bus, though every once in a while there may be a sniff or a focused breath. Usually I turn my face away and look out the window – although this is tricky when sitting in a seat that faces the middle of the bus – however this is mostly so those around me don’t feel uncomfortable (see, I try to be considerate). There are the rare occasions when I just don’t give a damn about the people around me and just let the tears roll; my philosophy at those times is “I am not a robot, I have emotions dammit!”. I’m sure people just looove it when I’m in one of those moods.

Now don’t get me wrong, crying on public transit is not something I do often, but it has happened a few times in 2010. Am I the only one? Has anyone else ever cried of the bus or skytrain? What do you all do and/or think when someone sitting near you starts to let their emotions show?


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I am a combination of contradictions and approximately 18 kinds of awesome.
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2 Responses to I am not a robot dammit…

  1. Reallyprofound says:

    I move slowly away…

    Nah seriously, never had it happen! And I’ve been on a lot of transit. I’ll keep an eye out for your emotions :-D

  2. Jen S says:

    I’ve done it! Luckily I’ve been able to hide behind my sunglasses a few times. Or I’ll do the look out the window move.
    We all do (and by we I think women), most embarrassing for me wasn’t on transit, I don’t really care since I don’t know those people and probably will never see them again. Worst was at work (in the lunch room, non-work related issue) or when I was full out bawling at the UBC SUB.

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