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Pensioners are daring these days…

It used to be when an elderly person who has difficulty walking got on the bus, the driver would wait while they found a seat somewhere in the front vicinity of the bus – they would sit in said seat for the entirety of their journey, … Continue reading

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Listen f**kers, stop smoking!

I have no idea what is up lately, but I’ve been getting scrappy. You see, I’m normally all bark no bite. If I see something that annoys me, I’ll sit back and complain or shoot dirty looks to the offender … Continue reading

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Translink has been running a trial launch for their Twitter service in which they Tweet updates and respond to inquiries. I like this service, in one instance they tried to help me make the last train on time, it would … Continue reading

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I will not be ignored!

The other day I was getting on the the #3 to head to work.  It was still pretty early, the morning rush had just ended but there was a pretty steady stream of people getting on at the Main Street … Continue reading

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Should you have children?

That question above is quite loaded and one debated by countless couples (and shocked women standing over a + pregnancy test a few weeks after a night of “fun”).  In case you were unaware having children is (from what I’ve … Continue reading

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The genius of bus pants

[Bus pants] are pants one wears over ones regular pants when one sits on bus seats others have previously sat on. ~Sheldon Cooper The above quote is from Thursday’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, it came up at the … Continue reading

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Yay or Nay?

January 2011 marked a new day with our fair Translink. They’ve taken to putting ads on the farecards. I can see the positive and the negative to this ugly addition to the cards, personally I’m not for it. Or maybe … Continue reading

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