The genius of bus pants

Sans bus pants

[Bus pants] are pants one wears over ones regular pants when one sits on bus seats others have previously sat on. ~Sheldon Cooper

The above quote is from Thursday’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, it came up at the most appropriate time as I had just arrived home from work and had a pretty disgusting time on the skytrain on my way.

A guy on the train obviously had a cold as many people do this season, transit riders or not we’re all affected (infected?). I’m not begrudging him being in public with his cold, we all have to get around and go to work, what I am annoyed with is his parents apparent failure to teach him proper manners as a child.

Upon first sneeze that was not covered with hand/arm/other extremity I thought that maybe it was a sneak attack, he didn’t have time to cover up as his one hand was holding the pole and the other his girlfriends hand. With the second sneeze I realized he wasn’t even trying to aim away from anyone, although that’s pretty hard on a crowded train. Third sneeze and I was wearing a disgusting look, he didn’t see it but I think his girlfriend did.

As we approached my station he had launched into a fit of coughs, you’ll be shocked I’m sure when I say these too were not covered up. I avoided his space while walking out the doors.

Now I’m not saying I think the skytrain or buses are completely germ free… far from it. I’ve seen people licking poles, wiping boogers on the windows and peeing on the floor, I get that it’s a cesspool of bacteria. But can’t we avoid adding to that cesspool when we can? And by avoiding maybe I thought that because he looked like a young businessman he would know better, at least better than the drunk people and children I’ve seen doing the deeds mentioned before.

I have a friend who’s ex wouldn’t let people near his furniture after sitting on the bus and I always thought that those who wore the surgical masks on public transit were a little much. But knowing what I know and letting my mind wander to all the other things that probably go on in there (think Holts’ dressing room) is it really crazy to protect ourselves via masks or a designated pair of “bus pants?”

Anyone have any weird germ-avoidance techniques? Or if you’re ashamed to admit, you can post it under the guise of “my friend.” What’s the grossest  thing you’ve seen on Translink, don’t hold back we’ve got strong stomachs!


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6 Responses to The genius of bus pants

  1. Reallyprofound says:

    Brilliant photo! Which do you think is the worst season for disease spreading – the sniffly cold of winter, or the sweltering greenhousey summer?

    • Lauren W says:

      I think winter is worse because windows aren’t open so air doesn’t get a chance to circulate.

    • Jen S says:

      Winter. Same reason as L, but also because there’s more germs flying around (at least it’s my own, most likely delusional, belief that there are less colds in the summer)

  2. Lauren W says:

    First of all, I’m so sad I missed the bus pants episode! Must find a way to watch it…

    When it comes to germ-avoidance, I make it a policy to never sit in the very back seats (have seen too much naaasty stuff go down there – mostly involving urine I’m sad to say)

    ps – love the use of the holt renfrew changing room as an example

    • Jen S says:

      It’s online everywhere. It’s a brief line in the episode, sadly it’s not an episode revolving around the concept.

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