Should you have children?

That question above is quite loaded and one debated by countless couples (and shocked women standing over a + pregnancy test a few weeks after a night of “fun”).  In case you were unaware having children is (from what I’ve heard) quite the responsibility and should probably only be attempted by those with at least two brain cells to rub together.

There are better sites to be reading if you are questioning whether or not children should be the next big step in your life, but before you head off to (not a real site don’t bother trying to enter it into your browser) let me leave you with a question that should give you an indication of whether you are ready to bring said baby onto transit.

When you are bringing your child on the bus in a stroller, which door do you exit out of?

This should be pretty straightforward so I will not humor you with a multiple choice selection.

It’s the front door.

It is always the front door and under no circumstance should you ever attempt to get off the bus using the back door.

Why do I ask this question now? Because I just saw some woman actually decided to get her child off the bus using the back door. Never mind the fact that her damn stroller barely fit down the aisle. Never mind that she was also sitting right by the front door. Let’s also forget the fact that she waited until the doors had closed from the other passengers leaving and the driver was preparing to pull away from the curb when she jumped up and screamed at him for trying to leave the stop before she could get off the bus.  And, because the back doors do not lower to the curb level she first had to unstrap her toddler so that the child could (barely) walk off so she could get the stroller off. This all took over a minute to happen, all while the driver told her to get off the front in the future.

This woman clearly did not have two brain cells to rub together (she was riding the 27 up Rupert Street and got off at 16th around 5:10 today… let it be known because if she can actually read and stumbles upon this blog post she’ll realize that the stupidity that she is not trying too hard to conceal is glaringly evident).

So, if you ever find yourself pregnant or debating whether you should be getting pregnant and you rely on public transit please ask yourself if you know the proper boarding and disembarking procedures for you and your stroller. If not, then ask someone how its done or continue to keep your uterus vacant.

Do it for the future of our species, because if you don’t have the two brain cells I do not have any hope for your children.

Do it for me, an Anthropology major who believes in evolution and survival of the fittest. The stupid should not be surviving to procreate, do us a favor and take your genes out of the pool.


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One Response to Should you have children?

  1. Lauren W says:

    I totally saw that happen before! Except it was a woman with a big ol’ stroller getting on the bus through the back doors (well it was a b-line so, technically she was getting on through the middle doors) So dumb! Seriously, why would you drag your kid, their stuff and the stroller down the aisle when you could just get off through the front doors!?!
    Sadly you don’t have to be intelligent to get knocked up, ya just gotta be fertile :S

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