I will not be ignored!

The other day I was getting on the the #3 to head to work.  It was still pretty early, the morning rush had just ended but there was a pretty steady stream of people getting on at the Main Street skytrain station stop with me.

As usual when I was boarding the bus I flashed my pass to the driver and said thank you, but this one could care less. Instead he was ignoring everyone who was getting on and was looking out the window to his left.

Free rides for everyone!

I tweeted my dismay after I sat down. I was annoyed. Annoyed because I pay for my pass each month so I want to be recognized for this. What’s to stop me from just prancing on without my fare?

By the way, this came just a week or two after the big story about how many people avoid paying fares on skytrains. They increased the fare check on at the skytrain stations, apparently they forgot to give the memo to the drivers.

I’m sure this could be labeled as a stupid complaint. But here comes a stupider complaint, if you’re not planning on enforcing the rule that you need fare to arrive at least acknowledge that there are people entering the bus.

I said thank you, least you could do is look in my direction.


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2 Responses to I will not be ignored!

  1. Perhaps the ticket machine was broken, that happens frequently? I find that the bus drivers at the Phibbs Exchange don’t check fares. The buses are now fair paid zones, so it is assumed that you have paid the fare.

  2. michel gregoire says:

    Your main st sky train station is the worst of all, to many low life around it and I cannot walk through the park beside it without being harass by these scary people. Wee need to clean are beautiful park the tourist are seeing
    This witch is not good, this city is suppose to green and beautiful but instead it’s full of drug infested and dirty I’m embarrass. Please clean it up so normal people can enjoy a clean and safe park.

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