Listen f**kers, stop smoking!

I have no idea what is up lately, but I’ve been getting scrappy. You see, I’m normally all bark no bite. If I see something that annoys me, I’ll sit back and complain or shoot dirty looks to the offender in question but will never say something to them. I’ve been called out for being all talk and no action a few times.

Recently I’ve stopped being so nice. Because you know what, while being pleasant can help in many situations sometimes a girl just needs to get angry. For example, I hate being told “you look tired.” People say this all the time to others and I have no idea why they think this is acceptable, because it’s a vieled insult and basically you’re telling the person they look like crap. A woman at work told me this Wednesday, she’s actually said this a few times and I think it’s her way of striking up a conversation.  Even when I think I look fine, so this time I thanked her for telling me I looked bad. She didn’t get it, but I made sure to explain my annoyance in the most bitter way possible. In the past I would have smiled and probably said something about not getting enough sleep even when I had.

I also stuck up for myself in the self-checkout line at Safeway when some guy tried to skip the lineup and go straight to the free till I was headed to. He had one item against my 6, but this is a new Jen who is going to tell people what’s up, if I let this guy through this time then he’s going to keep on doing it in the future. Same goes for the confrontation I had with the receptionists at my doctors office (but that’s a whole other story for a whole other blog).

With all this sticking up for myself, I was pretty empowered Thursday morning when some guy was smoking under the bus shelter. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I hate smoking. I absolutely abhor smoking and the sooner we can make it illegal in any public space I’ll be pretty happy (and vote for the politician who makes that happen, even if it were Harper or Campbell).

I took out my earphone and informed the guy that he wasn’t allowed to smoke in shelters. He gave me a confused look and so I repeated myself, telling him it was illegal. His reaction was not to apologize or put out the cigarette, instead he laughed at me and continued on.

I wish I could say that I grabbed the smoke out of his mouth and threw it on the ground, but I didn’t. You have no idea how much I regret that, because that would have been the best reaction for me with my new Jen is scrappy attitude. I was pretty proud that I said something though, because I normally just shoot dirty looks at smokers at the shelters and maybe do some loud coughing or move away. But I wasn’t moving away, the snow would have wrecked my hair. Instead some guy came along and stood between us, being my human second-hand smoke barrier. Then the bus came and I complained loudly on my phone to a friend because while I’ll tell you off, I’ll still be passive-aggressive. That’s a part of me that will never die.

I know now that informing people that smoking in shelters is illegal is not a Translink issue, it’s the city responsible for educating others and putting up the non-smoking signage. Hell, if either party wants to make up signs or stickers I’ll get some people together and put them up (tweet-up for the Translink tweet people idea?).

I’m now looking forward to the next a-hole that wants to smoke in the same shelter with me, because I may just be so emblazoned to rip that thing out of your mouth and throw it down.

Who wants to videotape the throwdown?


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4 Responses to Listen f**kers, stop smoking!

  1. tareesea says:

    I had no idea it was illegal! No wonder why the man at my bus stop puts out his smoke when he sees me coming. Good to know

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