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what do you think…

…bitter boy or overprotective friend? Regardless, I think we can agree – bad speller… Advertisements

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a riddle of sorts…

You’ve been patiently waiting for quite some time at a bus stop for your bus. The bus is late. So when it does finally show up, there is another one right behind it. Both are the same number, therefore they … Continue reading

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Your responsibility?

I hate the 25. I truly and deeply hate the 25. Sadly, it’s one of the routes I’m dependent upon to get around. I’ve made many complaints on Twitter about the route, usually while I’m waiting at the stop in … Continue reading

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Feedback Form (aka Complaints)

I have a slight love/hate relationship with the Translink Twitter project. I love that they are replying to their customers frustrations because it’s nice to see that we are being heard, even if it doesn’t go much further than one … Continue reading

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Line forms to the left

I’ve heard that lining up for buses isn’t normal everywhere, I’m sure it’s not just a Vancouver thing but I’m also sure it’s not happening all over the world. I imagine most places the people just kinda stand around the … Continue reading

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