Line forms to the left

I’ve heard that lining up for buses isn’t normal everywhere, I’m sure it’s not just a Vancouver thing but I’m also sure it’s not happening all over the world. I imagine most places the people just kinda stand around the stop and move towards the door as the bus arrives.

The line up is helpful, the people who arrived first will most often get on first and have first dibs on seats. It’s all very fair and diplomatic. That is if an old person isn’t sitting in the bus shelter waiting and budging to the front of the line when the bus arrives.

I came up with a few helpful tips for those of us who ride the bus, to help guide you through the tricky social protocol that is the bus stop line up.

  1. Just accept that the old people will go to the front. And you know what, they (probably) deserve it. They’ve been roaming the Earth forever and so they should get the first seats on the bus. And, let me say that just because you’re older than me doesn’t mean that you’re considered old enough to get on the bus before me. It would be nice if they would just wait for me to be the nice person who lets them in front of me. That’s right, it’s all about me.
  2. Wait for those getting off to actually get off. People will often start to get on and realize that someone wants off so they will back off, others will just try to squeeze by. My favorite is when those in the front of the line will stop to let the person off, those in front will generally part to both sides of the door and some idiot in the back will always, without fail, walk through the parted seas to get on the bus. Yes, we’re creating a human aisle for you, the beautiful Guidette wannabe on the blackberry.
  3. Rain protocol. I understand that umbrellas in the line are required, most people will start the line beside the bus stop and not in the shelter so I’m not going to say we have to all get soaked while we wait. Instead, I’ll just say watch where you lower your umbrella because more often then not the run off is landing on the people around you.
  4. No smoking.
  5. Strollers and wheelchairs trump all. Even the old people. Stand back for the ramp if a wheelchair is getting off or on. I don’t get why people are always so confused by the ramp and it’s size every single time.
  6. Have your pass or money ready. It moves the line faster, it’s particularly helpful to those waiting to get on in the rain.
  7. Really… it may not be illegal outside of the shelters to smoke, but your fellow riders are begging you to stop smoking.

Anything you’d add to this list? Leave it in the comments!


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2 Responses to Line forms to the left

  1. What is your take on those people who enter from the rear doors, instead of lining up to use the front doors?

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