Feedback Form (aka Complaints)

I have a slight love/hate relationship with the Translink Twitter project. I love that they are replying to their customers frustrations because it’s nice to see that we are being heard, even if it doesn’t go much further than one or two people covering their social media. I also love their live updates of detours. I do get frustrated with them being so nice, but that’s more my problem rather than theirs. I tweet my complaint and they tweet back their apologies and will even give a reason for the problem and then I feel bad for complaining. But then of course I run into a horrible driver or have a bad transit experience and my annoyance continues. I’m so confused, because the faces of the business that I see are more annoying than helpful, whereas the online team is quite lovely.

You sneaky Tweet team… why you gotta leave me so conflicted?!?

Very often if someone is complaining about Translink on Twitter their Tweet Team will reply to the original tweeter their apologies and a link to their online complaint form. I’ve thought about filling it out but I’m usually on my iPhone sending and reading tweets, so the idea of filling out the long form on a phone is just not appealing.

Where I find problems with the Translink on Twitter project is that often their response to complaints is to fill out the form. My experience with the complaint form has been that it falls on deaf ears and now I can’t help but wondering if when I’m tweeted a response with the complaint form URL the initial complaint goes unheard until I fill out the form… which continues the cycle of thinking my complaint is unnoticed.

Don’t get me wrong, I know we’ve all had jobs where we get complaints and we tell our customers that we’ll make sure that it gets to the right person but if we’re being honest the only other people we tell is our coworkers when complaining about the clients.

This leads to the question of whether or not to fill out the form or not? Why waste my time on the form if they wont respond and thereby letting me know it’s getting read, whereas I can tweet my frustrations and know that one of the social media people will read it and perhaps pass it on to someone, even if it is just a coworker.

What’s your opinion? Have you ever filled out the form and had a response? Or are you content to Tweet your Translink disappointment?


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2 Responses to Feedback Form (aka Complaints)

  1. Aieeeee… “theirs” not “there’s”!!!
    Good point though, the complaint form ain’t great and they definitely need to standardise their level of feedback across the company.

    Mind you, it’s not unusual for a company to have varying standards of professionalism across its workforce. I’m sure the CEO of McDonalds has a winning smile and much more perspicacity than the drive-thru operator working the 3am shift serving drunk and abusive customers for minimum wage.

  2. Thanks for your post, Jen.

    We’ve had similar feedback from others about the complaint form, and understand where you’re coming from – it’s not the most convenient way to communicate on the go. Here’s a little bit of background on the forms and why we use them:

    • the feedback form goes into our official logging system which tracks and escalates all issues to people tagged within the organization – it’s how we capture and organize all customer complaints (and commendations!) from Twitter, the web, the call centre and more
    • the reason we ask customers to fill it out is that it’s the most accurate way for us to track issues; in fact, we are required to report on all complaints received through this process to TransLink’s Commissioner at regular intervals
    • all forms are read by at least one person in the organization – often it’s more than that
    • when customers fill out the form, they can indicate they want a response; they should get one within 10 business days

    All that said, we are working with our Twitter team on adjusting the process so that they can pass along your feedback to the right people where it’s appropriate to save you from filling the form on your mobile. Hopefully you, your readers and our followers will notice a bit of a difference going forward.

    Thanks – have a great weekend!
    Erin McConnell
    TransLink communciations

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