Your responsibility?

I hate the 25. I truly and deeply hate the 25. Sadly, it’s one of the routes I’m dependent upon to get around.

I’ve made many complaints on Twitter about the route, usually while I’m waiting at the stop in the morning and the bus is late. And I know I’m not alone, I see many people complaining on Twitter, and I know L has a huge problem with the 25 as well. The thing is, it’s not late by a minute or two, because that I can understand. It’s usually 5 minutes late or on many occasions it doesn’t show at all. This of course leads to me being late to get my connecting bus and then late for work. It’s all a butterfly effect, but I wonder if Translink realizes this.

Often, when I say anything about this on Twitter, the Translink team tweets me back with the link to the complaint form. As I said in my previous post, I find this a waste of time because I’ve never heard back from them. I wrote a complaint out a while back and heard nothing, and when I made mention of this on Twitter the other day I received this reply:

To be honest, this pissed me off.

It’s not my place to follow up on complaints. In fact the form asks you if you’d like a follow up. I don’t even think I kept the tracking number for my original complaint.

So I took it upon myself to write a new complaint, just to see how long it could take to get a response. I was shocked to see a response the same day. This has now given me a complex to think that they only replied to it because I complained on Twitter and the blog so much about not getting a response.

My point is that with the amount of complaints they can’t really expect us to be responsible for following up, because the very nature of my complaint means that I’m frustrated with your business, therefore spending part of my day to see if they’re doing their job is only more frustrating.

I understand that the agent who sent the tweet was only trying to be helpful, that maybe if I felt like I had some control over the problem I would feel better about it, so I don’t blame them at all. But I really hope that this isn’t what they mean by a follow up, because that business plan is highly flawed.

Thoughts? Should we be responsible for following up our own complaints?


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1 Response to Your responsibility?

  1. Translink can be particularly bad. they’re utilizing social media, but they love to do it in a way that puts the complainer on the spot.
    No way man, Translink should be the ones handling their own shortcomings.

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