Sick people need transit too

I’ve been sick the past few days, stuck in my house and staying away from public transit.

It all started last week when some sort of virus started going around the office and co-workers began dropping like flies, calling in sick left and right. I began with a tickle in my throat on Friday morning, by mid-afternoon I was hacking away and joking to co-workers that I hoped it would get worse so I could miss work. Jokes on me, I got worse and had to call in sick on Saturday. And it’s only getting worse.

The only time I left my house between Saturday and Monday was a trip to the pharmacy on Saturday, just as the snow started to fall. I got on the bus, unmedicated, and I chose the seat at the front, right behind the driver in order to avoid sitting near others.

Today I finally felt well enough to go to work… for two hours before my coworkers and manager took pity on me and told me to go home. I got back on the bus and skytrain and headed home.

As I coughed away on the train I noticed dirty looks from the other riders, people actually moved away from me. On the other hand, when I was on the bus and just wanted to be left alone in my seat a woman came and sat next to me, despite the bus being fairly empty and my coughing in hopes she would avoid me.

I understand moving away from a sick person, especially in this case since the train wasn’t particularly busy. Dirty looks, not so much. We all need to get around and we take transit to do so. It’s not like I’m coughing all over you, I cover up and move my face away from you… so don’t treat me like I’m a leper.

We all take transit. We also get sick, so I thought I’d post some tips to avoid getting spreading germs:

  • Make antibacterial gel sanitizers your friend. Carry around a small one in your purse or backpack or utilize the ones that seem to be in every public place nowadays.
  • Wash your hands. Nothing fancy, just plain old soap is good enough
  • Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze
  • Don’t spit in places people are touching… or anywhere for that matter (personal pet peeve). Blow your nose in a tissue. (I’m so sad that I have to clarify that)
  • Throw your used tissues in the trash
  • Try to stay home if possible.

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3 Responses to Sick people need transit too

  1. Jacob says:

    I have no problem with sick people. Nor do I have problems with bottle collector people. I feel sorry for them needing to collect bottles. We will all get sick once in a while. As long as they don’t don’t cover their mouths, I’m ok. It’s no reason to give dirty looks. What I hate more is people yawning in front of me. It makes me tired.

  2. Audacity says:

    I think rudeness and lack of courtesy is more offensive than being sick… and those two run rampant on public transit more often than any illness.

  3. bq says:

    If you are sick, please wear a sars mask for the courtesy of others, like in other countries.
    Also, wasn’t transit that partly spread sars and swine flu

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