I’m standing here!

I’ve written about seat hierarchy, now it’s time for standing hierarchy.

Sure he looks happy, but he's plotting how he'll get off the bus before the redhead. (via The Buzzer)

Oftentimes we’re left standing on the bus, it can suck but it’s the price we pay. I take a lot of buses that terminate at the stop that I’m getting off at, particularly the Skytrain stations. It’s my firm belief that you file off of the bus with the people standing getting off first. It only makes sense. They’re standing and it’s easiest for them to get off and make rooms for the sitters to get into the aisles.

That being said, people often believe that they can get up and start to make their way to the exit before they reach the stop. This is particularly annoying for the reasons listed below:

  • Where the hell do they think they’re going? On a busy bus, where there’s barely room for standee’s to stand, where do you think we’ll find room for you.
  • The bus is terminating at that stop. The driver will not leave or shut the doors and lock you in. I promise.
  • We’re all getting off. I’ve had to stand and try to balance as the driver takes corners like there’s no one holding on to dear life, I deserve to get off before you.
  • A lot of the times you’re old, I fear that you’ll fall and break a hip. Lawsuits against Translink only make me fear higher fare prices to pay for your stupidity.

It’s simple. If you were lucky enough to get a seat, sit back and relax. Let the standers off first. As an added bonus, they get to deal with those weird doors on the new buses that ask you to “touch to open” but basically needed to be pushed a million times before they’ll finally give in.


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3 Responses to I’m standing here!

  1. Audacity says:

    Some people actually try to shuffle out the front door before the driver could unfold the ramp for me and my wheelchair. On an otherwise emptyish bus. Some of them would be closer to the back door than the front door, but still dart for the front door and cutting me off in the process.

    I can never figure that one out, but it happens so often.

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