A little bus stop DIY…

I’m pretty big in to making things, crafting and DIY (Do It Yourself) type projects, so naturally when I saw this brilliant idea for a DIY bus stop bench extension I just had to share.

For all of you who have ever lamented the lack of seating at bus stops in Vancouver – good news! Now, in three easy steps you can solve your bus stop seating woes forever!

How To: Create a Bigger Bus Stop Bench

DIY: Bus Stop Bench Extension

Step One: Obtain two plastic patio chairs. You can buy them, take them from the side of a road or drag them out of a back alley (which is most likely where the chairs in the example above came from)

Step Two: If you do drag the chairs out of an alley or take them from the side of the road, don’t bother cleaning them. The flecks of dirt and grime on the plastic will help the chairs blend in with the lovely wood grain finish of the existing bench (along with the garbage and cigarette butts under said bench)

Step Three: Place chairs alongside the bench that currently exists at the bus stop.

And there you go – your favourite local bus stop bench has been extended!

*A fun alternative for those who aren’t really ready to commit to something so permanent, is a genius little product commonly referred to as the Backpack Chair.


About Lauren W

I am a combination of contradictions and approximately 18 kinds of awesome.
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