Thoughts on the Translink’s mobile site

The Translink mobile site went live earlier this month and I’ve got some thoughts on it.

Overall, it’s a great addition to the ever-growing services that Translink provides us. While this may come off as a list of complaints, it’s not. Look at it more like a list of things that could be improved upon. This is a very new feature that I’m sure Translink is aware of the downfalls and is working on it’s improvements.

My biggest disappointment may be that it’s not an actual app, but a website for your mobile web (I hear it’s best on iPhone). Perhaps it was the newspaper articles that were writing it up this way, but I was hoping for it’s own little app. If it were an app maybe we could get GPS capacity? I don’t know much about apps and phones and their capabilities, but I would love if it could locate where I am and tell me which bus is closest to me.

How many times have you been at a corner and had 2 stops to choose from and you’re wondering which one to choose?

If they could locate you, then we’d have a better idea of where to go instead of my ever-present problem of watching the other bus pass by as I wait at the other stop.

Or what about when you’re trying to figure out when your bus is coming and you can’t remember the stop number?

The good people of Translink’s twitter account tell me that they’ll soon have the ability to save stops to your favorites, since right now only the Trip Planning feature can save to your favorites.

If there was a GPS capacity I like to think it could track us down, big brother style, and inform us which bus is coming next and where to grab it.

I’d be willing to pay a couple bucks for an app and it could help pay for the reported $793,000 price tag.

Instead I have to wait until I get to a bus stop, enter the number and watch all the buses that I’ve just missed.

If you haven’t given it a shot I’ll let you know that essentially what we’re working with here is the full Translink website, but in mobile form. The Trip Planning option both on the web and on mobile causes me headaches so I try to avoid it. I mean why does it never understand where I want to go? I usually enter a major landmark or Skytrain station for reference and it still gives me 10 options to choose from, none of which are where I want to go.  Translink has just enabled me to scream at my phone in public instead of my computer at home. I’m glad I get to share that with my fellow commuters.

Overall, I’m happy with the site but hope that it continues to be improved upon.  It works so much better than the old iPhone app, is far easier than trying to navigate the full website on my phone and will hopefully prove to be much more reliable than the text for the next bus system. I’ll just cross my fingers for a bit of big brother style GPS.

Because every girl needs a stalker.

What are your thoughts… love it? Hate it? What would you like to see changed or improved?


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