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I am a combination of contradictions and approximately 18 kinds of awesome.

A little bus stop DIY…

I’m pretty big in to making things, crafting and DIY (Do It Yourself) type projects, so naturally when I saw this brilliant idea for a DIY bus stop bench extension I just had to share. For all of you who … Continue reading

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How to: flirt on public transit.

I’m sure we’ve all noticed an attractive member of the opposite sex (or same sex, whatever your preference) on the bus or skytrain that we would like to become better acquainted with. This is all fine and well, except the … Continue reading

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what do you think…

…bitter boy or overprotective friend? Regardless, I think we can agree – bad speller…

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a riddle of sorts…

You’ve been patiently waiting for quite some time at a bus stop for your bus. The bus is late. So when it does finally show up, there is another one right behind it. Both are the same number, therefore they … Continue reading

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Pensioners are daring these days…

It used to be when an elderly person who has difficulty walking got on the bus, the driver would wait while they found a seat somewhere in the front vicinity of the bus – they would sit in said seat for the entirety of their journey, … Continue reading

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I am not a robot dammit…

…I have emotions! It’s been a bit of a roller coaster kinda year for me – lots of emotional ups and downs to say the least. As a result, I have cried quite a few times on public transit. It is far from ideal, … Continue reading

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Pet Peeve #276: The dreaded ‘knee-swivel’

So you know when you’re sitting in a seat nearest to the window and when your stop draws near and it’s time for you to disembark the bus the person beside you doesn’t actually stand up to let you off, instead … Continue reading

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