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Fare evaders

Tonight I was watching Global News at 6 and found myself getting pretty peeved at a story about Translink ticket enforcement. (you can click here to watch the story since I can’t figure out how to embed it) The story … Continue reading

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Free Transit!

Wow. We haven’t blogged since October 14th, sorry about that. At least the last post was about cute guys, so we got that going for us. Hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday season and will be celebrating the … Continue reading

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Transit Crush

Back in May 2008 I was taking a course that required I be there every morning at 9am. Amazingly I would catch the same b-line every morning that would get me to my downtown destination on time. The fact that … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Translink’s mobile site

The Translink mobile site went live earlier this month and I’ve got some thoughts on it. Overall, it’s a great addition to the ever-growing services that Translink provides us. While this may come off as a list of complaints, it’s … Continue reading

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More San Franciscan treats

We’re easily amused. Here’s our discovery at one SF bus stop, seats that move up and down! Enjoy as Lauren demonstrates It’s important to note that we thought of everyone as we did our photo-shoot.

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Tales from San Francisco: Cable Car Edition

The number one thing everyone suggested we do while in San Francisco was to take a ride on the cable cars. As transit enthusiasts we had to give it a shot and report back. It came highly recommended that we … Continue reading

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I’m standing here!

I’ve written about seat hierarchy, now it’s time for standing hierarchy. Oftentimes we’re left standing on the bus, it can suck but it’s the price we pay. I take a lot of buses that terminate at the stop that I’m … Continue reading

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