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Thoughts on the Translink’s mobile site

The Translink mobile site went live earlier this month and I’ve got some thoughts on it. Overall, it’s a great addition to the ever-growing services that Translink provides us. While this may come off as a list of complaints, it’s … Continue reading

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I’m standing here!

I’ve written about seat hierarchy, now it’s time for standing hierarchy. Oftentimes we’re left standing on the bus, it can suck but it’s the price we pay. I take a lot of buses that terminate at the stop that I’m … Continue reading

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Exact Fare Only

Summer’s here! Or it should be. It was a nice two days while it lasted. Think of it this way, the longer it takes for it to heat up outside the longer we can hold off on the abundance of … Continue reading

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How to: flirt on public transit.

I’m sure we’ve all noticed an attractive member of the opposite sex (or same sex, whatever your preference) on the bus or skytrain that we would like to become better acquainted with. This is all fine and well, except the … Continue reading

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Passed Up

On Sunday fellow Translink blogger Priority Seating wrote about a problem for everyone who rides the bus, the frustrating moment when you see a bus in the distance only to have it pass you by without stopping. Often you’ll see … Continue reading

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Checking the Transit in Another City: Las Vegas

What’s up faithful readers?!? Sorry we’ve been so quiet around here, but we’ve been busy. Working, vacationing, living life. Being an adult is hard y’all and while we can’t wait to become one, we worry about that day since we’ll … Continue reading

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Sick people need transit too

I’ve been sick the past few days, stuck in my house and staying away from public transit. It all started last week when some sort of virus started going around the office and co-workers began dropping like flies, calling in … Continue reading

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