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Fare evaders

Tonight I was watching Global News at 6 and found myself getting pretty peeved at a story about Translink ticket enforcement. (you can click here to watch the story since I can’t figure out how to embed it) The story … Continue reading

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Listen f**kers, stop smoking!

I have no idea what is up lately, but I’ve been getting scrappy. You see, I’m normally all bark no bite. If I see something that annoys me, I’ll sit back and complain or shoot dirty looks to the offender … Continue reading

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The Bodyguard

As someone who rides Translink, do you feel safe? Generally speaking, I do. There are some times at night when I’ll get a little leery of some of my fellow passengers, but it’s nothing to worry about. But what about … Continue reading

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Butt Out

I’m an ardent non-smoker. I hate the smell, hate the memories it conjures for me and hate the second hand smoke. When Vancouver passed it’s non-smoking laws a few years back I could not be happier. Is there anything more … Continue reading

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