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Free Transit!

Wow. We haven’t blogged since October 14th, sorry about that. At least the last post was about cute guys, so we got that going for us. Hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday season and will be celebrating the … Continue reading

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The Bodyguard: Follow up

We received an interesting comment on the previous article here The Bodyguard that  I wanted to post because it’s good information about what to do if harassed on the bus or if you’re waiting at stop at night. Thanks for … Continue reading

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The Bodyguard

As someone who rides Translink, do you feel safe? Generally speaking, I do. There are some times at night when I’ll get a little leery of some of my fellow passengers, but it’s nothing to worry about. But what about … Continue reading

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Late Night Debate

This week on CTV News they’ve been investigating an ongoing problem in Vancouver around the new drinking and driving laws and alternative methods for getting home safely. The worry to get home after a night out isn’t a new one. … Continue reading

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Happiness is…

… finding out that the Skytrain is still running. Last night I went to a late dinner with my friend Leah after the Lady Gaga concert (in one word: amazing) to the Bentall Cactus Club, which is right across the … Continue reading

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Power FAIL

It’s Saturday night, just after 10pm at the Main Street skytrain station. What was I doing here at this time of night? At some fabulous party? No, I was coming home from work. It had been a busy night and … Continue reading

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Weekends 101: The Quiz

It’s quiz time Tales of Translink readers! Please take out your number 2 pencils and select the best option for the following scenario. Mark your scantron forms clearly and write your full name in the space provided. Question 1: It’s … Continue reading

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